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How to take a great Moving Planet action photo

Taking great photos of your action is a key way to help tell the global story of the movement coming together on 24 September - so make sure you prepare to have the key elements in place for documenting your action - here are they key things to remember:

1) Prepare your visuals. The two key things for creating great visuals are

a) having a clear and consistent message and

b) conveying that message in a beautiful and interesting way.

The first part is key - make sure you spend time with your team deciding upon how you will convey your key messages - the media and fellow citizens will mainly interpret your action through your visuals, so its important to get the message right. To turn your messages into beautiful banners and art, feel free to use the templates and stencils for download below, as well as an in-depth guide for how to create homemade and stunning visuals for your action.

2) Plan a time in the schedule for your photo. This is key. Take some time to think about when and where you will take your main action photo. In order to take a photo of the whole crowd, you may need to arrange taking it from a particular place, or with a particular background, so be sure to plan ahead and include the photo in the schedule of events for the day.

3) Enlist a photographer and videographer. It's a good idea to find a reliable volunteer or friend whose sole responsibility on the action day is to photograph the action - finding a videographer is great too! Be sure to work with this person so that they know what kind of photos you are looking for, and to make sure to get the photos quickly after the action.

4) Submit your photo! As soon as you can after the action, pick out your best photos (in particular of the whole crowd) and submit them to the Moving Planet site - again, you may want to have a volunteer dedicated to this task.

You can submit the photos by emailing with the photo title as the subject and the photo caption as the email body.

Click here for more instructions on submitting phtos.

Click here for more instructions on taking a great photo.

Moving Planet visuals: Arrows

130 For the Moving Planet day of action, people around the world are coming together to get moving in a new direction: to have more pointed political messages specific to their community or country, or to call for a particular climate solution. In order to accommodate a diversity of powerful messages--but remain unified--we're encouraging organizers around the world to incorporate arrows into their visuals for the day. Why arrows? A bunch of reasons:

  • Arrows convey movement -- good for moving planet. 
  • Arrows can be used for a diversity of messages, such as "beyond fossil fuels," "350," "no coal," "Stop the Tar Sands", "100% Renewables", or whatever you're pushing for locally
  • Arrows are easy to make: people can create a large arrow formation with people or other materials (bikes), or it could mean having large arrows on banners and signs within rallies or marches, etc.
  • Arrows can point away from a problem (like a coal plant) or towards a solution (wind turbines, etc)
  • Arrows are highly legible and symbolic nearly everywhere on earth.

See below for a few ideas and templates for creatively incorporating arrows into the visuals for your action!

New downloads!  Banners and stencils

Banners: Here are a few sample banner templates for download, or to give you ideas:


To download all "100% Renewables" banner templates, click here.



To download all the Moving Planet graphic banners, click here.


For all "Zero emissions now!" banners, click here.


Download these templates to get started making your own homemade flags, t-shirts, or signs - for tips on stenciling, see the new artivist guide below!

Download a zip file of all the first five stencils below by clicking here.


136 137 138 139

And a few more stencils -- download the zip here. 

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New! Artivist guide: How to produce beautiful and powerful visuals

Download the full 350 Artivist Guide (PDF), and get creative with your action!