Upload Your Videos

Use the tool below to upload your video to the Moving Planet YouTube account. A few notes:

  • Since we're using YouTube, we need to make sure each video is less than 2GB in size, less than 15 minutes in length, and in an acceptable file format.
  • Make sure your file has completely uploaded before hitting the "save" button at the bottom of this page. You can track upload progress in the footer of your browser. See more info in this screenshot/tutorial.
  • Please include a short description in the box that includes the location of the event, an email address that we can use to contact you, and any credits for the videographer.
  • We'll sort through the video uploads, and edit the footage together for a short compilation video that we'll share with the climate movement, with political leaders, and with the global media.
  • If you're having trouble with the video uploader below, feel free to use our file dropbox instead. 

All submitted photos and action report content may be reproduced under an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

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