Last minute action ideas


Last minute action ideas -- because it's never too late to start moving!

So the big Moving Planet action day is just weeks away, you're exited to get involved -- but you're freaking out because you don't know what to do. Don't worry. You still have time to organize a great Moving Planet Action. 

Here are the important things to remember:

 1) Register your event:

2) Do something public on September 24th to get moving sustainably!

3) Take a photo with your group and upload it to on the big day. Your group photo should display your demand to move beyond fossil fuels written on big arrow signs or on a banner (like "100% Renewables!" or "Zero-Emissions Now!" or "Move Past Coal!").

Thanks for taking action and if you have any questions just get in 

Event Ideas

Here are a few ideas to help you moving ahead:

Point it out. Make sure that your political leaders get the message that you and your community are ready to move beyond fossil fuels by really pointing it to them: make use of our collection of Moving Planet Arrows – on the day you can point out to a problem or a solution. Create a visual of an arrow with your friends in front of a coal plant or a corporate target or bring some positive energy to a local wind farm or another place that stands for the positive clean future we are fighting for.

You can find many templates for making arrow placards and stencils here on our webpage. 

176 Re-learn how to bicycle. Many of us are already passionate cyclists but just ask some of your friends or family what they think of cycling you will hear many concerns – it's not safe to cycle, haven't been on a bike since I was 10... - so it's time to help our friends to get back in the saddle by organizing a cycling training. All you need is an experienced cycling trainer who can give you a cycling safety training tailored to your city (ask your local cycling association for contacts) and invite all your friends and family who are not already passionate cyclists to join you for a cycling training. 

Move in some other creative way with friends. Kayaking, horseback riding, skateboarding, dancing, rollerblading, unicycling... any method of transport that doesn't involve fossil fuels is a fair game! So why not organize a rollerblade rally with your friends or a sailing trip. To make sure that your event comes across with a clear message try to incorporate the Moving Planet arrows.

You can find more arrows and visuals on our webpage here and here

Bike/Walk/Skate to School. Get moving sustainably to school or work with a group of friends or co-workers for Moving Planet – you can always do your event on Friday 23rd September if that works better for your school or work! 

Take a hike. Going for a walk or a hike is a great way to get moving in your community. Think about walking to an important place for your community, along a special route (maybe you can start your hike at a problem and end up at a solution), or even to your politicians office to send your message. 

Dirty fossil fuels clean up flashmob. Organize a “flash mob” - where crowds of coordinated people suddenly assemble in public spaces. There are endless variations. One idea that might capture the message of Moving Planet are dirty fossil fuels clean-up actions. Arm yourself with a mob and a bucket and move out to help dirty fossil fuel corporations to clean up their act. You could be mopping up dirty money going into dirty fossil fuels developments or dress up as oil barrels at local gas stations. 

Enjoy the harvest. In many places in the world, Moving Planet will be taking place during the harvest season – get together with friends to bike or walk to a local farm or community garden to help with the harvest or enjoy a local, sustainable meal.  

And if none of this action ideas above are interesting for you we have many more creative action ideas on our climate change and art page that might help you plan for your Moving Planet Action:

And of course feel free to come up with your own action ideas.