Photo Tips

Your event photo is perhaps the most important part of your action. The better your picture, the more effect it will have. It is evidence that people around the world have the very same ambitious goal for Planet Earth.

Here are seven guidelines to help you get a great action photo:

1. Check the camera. Make sure that it works, someone knows how to use it, and that its batteries are fully charged. Use the best digital camera you can find with the best person behind it and set it to the best-quality setting. If possible, organise a backup camera. If you can’t get a fancy camera, don’t worry – use a cellphone camera or whatever you can find. If you have to use a film camera rather than a digital one, make a plan to have the film developed as quickly as possible so it can be shared with the world.

2. Gather your people. It's crucial that you gather everyone together at your action for your photo - this is how we can show world leaders just how big this movement is. Ask them to look lively – Moving Planet is about taking joyful action, and we’re here to build a better world!

3. Show an Arrow. Whether it's with people, a banner, giant cardboard signs, or whatever you can think of, this is crucial. We're hoping that every photo will have an arrow in it -- this is what will unite the photos all around the world, whether you're in Slovenia or Suriname or South Carolina. You can find more about arrows on our all-in-one-visuals page here

4. Show Your Demand. Whether you're calling for "100% Renewables" or "Zero Emissions" or "350 PPM", we need to show our demands in our pictures so we can communicate them clearly to media and politicians. Put your demands on signs and banners, and write them BIG. Read more on our demands page here. 

5. Show us where you are. If possible, include local landmarks or typical surroundings of your area in your picture. If you live in a city, have some buildings in the shot, or if you live by the sea, let’s see some water. Be careful not to make the people and the 350 too small in the picture, though.

6. Take more than one picture! It’s easy to take a few shots of groups, also from different angles or closer and further away. This will allow you a choice from which you can select your best images. Be creative with some of your shots!

7. Check the picture. Most digital cameras allow you to instantly review your pictures. Make sure your pictures look OK before everyone goes home.

8. IMPORTANT: Send us your best image. We ask that you submit your best photo as soon as you can -- and you can get instructions on how to do that right here

Good luck! We can’t wait to see you wonderful images!

***We also love getting video footage from your actions! Check out our video upload page here.***