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=== Sent out September 21st, 2011 ===

 Dear friends,362

Almost there!  It’s hard to believe that in just under 48 hours, Moving Planet organizers in Tonga will begin their sunrise ceremony -- the first event to kick off an incredible and inspiring wave of action all around the world.  

Now, in the final days and hours of preparation, we want to send you some last minute resources and tips to keep in mind for the big day. But first, let us share a note of thanks.

Already, before the day even arrives, we are seeing Moving Planet turn into an extraordinary moment for our movement. We are rocketing our world forward (with people power!) -- sending out a powerful call globally, nationally, and locally that we must and will move beyond fossil fuels. As of this moment, actions are registered in 170 countries and counting. All this is thanks to your leadership. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Final important links and reminders:

1. Poster maker: There are some amazing custom postersout there for local events, but if there's no time for you to get one designed you can use the Moving Planet Poster Maker to generate a PDF that looks good. Check it out:

2. Deadline to submit photos for event at the United Nations: We’ve said it before, but it’s crucial that you have a person designated on your team to submit a few top photos and any videos to (with city and country in the subject line) right after your event. If you want a chance to have your event photo displayed at the big New York City event outside the United Nation headquarters you must submit your photo before 16:00 UTC. (before 3pm Quito, 4pm NYC, 9pm London, 10pm Cape Town -- unfortunately we’ll miss the west coast of the western hemisphere, for this event.)

3. Tool to contact people signed up for your event: As a Moving Planet organizer you have access to a tool for contacting people who have signed up for your event online. Just go to your event page -- and click on the “signups” tab followed by the “signups broadcast” button, and you can write and send a message to everyone who has signed up. (to log-in, click here)

4. Media outreach: It’s not too late to get the media out to your event!Click here for a press release template you can quickly modify for your event and fire out to your local TV and newspaper crews.

5. Sample event speech: Bill McKibben wrote up one possible speech that you can read at your event on Saturday, if you so choose -- and feel free to modify it for your context. You can find the speech

6. Collecting speeches: If anyone at your event is delivering a speech that is written out, we would love to see it. Can you share that with us on Saturday (or sooner, if it’s ready)? You can send it as an attachment in an email to .

7. Sign-up sheets: Its super important to capture the names and contact information of the people at your event. It will help you stay in touch, keep the momentum going, and grow the movement locally and globally. Print out a bunch of these:

8. Other resource highlights: As always, you can find other useful tools and resources here:

9. EXTRA USEFUL! → Final Check-list: Since we’ve been sending you lots of ideas for how to execute a successful Moving Planet event (mainly what we’ve learned from all of you), we thought a final check-list would be extra handy to have in the coming days. Check it out

Ok, whew! That’s it from us -- at least with regards to organizing details. We know it’s getting a bit crazy now in the final days and hours. 

As you enter the final throes of organizing your event, try your best to stay grounded in the love and joy of building a movement for change; that is what drives us all to do what we do.

Many thanks .. Here we go!

Kelly, for the whole Moving Planet team

        _ `\ <, _
...... ( • ) /  ( • )  

P.S. For last minute solidarity, check out these photos of people getting ready around the world:

P.P.S.: If this is the first Moving Planet organizer update you have received, you can check out all the previous updates here:


=== Sent out September 9th, 2011 ===

Dear Earthlings,

Yes: whether you’re Icelandic, Kiwi, or Ethiopian – one of the most wonderful things about Moving Planet is how it reminds us that we’re all Earthlings, willing to move with everything we’ve got to safeguard our future.

Right now we’re so close – there are just two weeks to go! We’ve got 5 updates we hope will be of help for the final sprint towards the big push.

1) JOIN: Live Call with Bill McKibben

We’re hosting two calls this Monday (with times for both hemispheres) for a live chat with Bill McKibben. Hear about exciting developments for Moving Planet, discover final tips and inspiration, and get your urgent questions answered.

When: Monday, Sep 12th, at 1600 UTC/1200 EDT and 2200 UTC/1800 EDT (We’re also organizing calls in other languages - check the link below for details!)

Find all the info by clicking here (including free call-in numbers).

2) Last Minute Action Ideas

It’s never too late! If you just signed up, or are scrambling to figure out what kind of event you can pull off in just two weeks, check out the *new* “Last Minute Action Ideas” page.

3) NEW Media Kit – Everything You Need to Get Attention

We'll have a media team working round the clock on igniting the international media megaphone, and want to equip organizers everywhere to create huge splashes of local and regional media for your events.

Check out this great new page, chock full of resources for US media for Moving Planet.

4) Arrows

Arrows are turning into a powerful unifying visual for Moving Planet events around the world. We have a whole bunch of stencils and art pieces you’re welcome to integrate into your events.

For example, you might create a visual of an arrow with your friends and bring it to a coal plant or other big polluter – and point the arrow away from the problem. Or bring some positive energy by pointing the arrow(s) to a local wind farm or another place that stands for the positive clean future we’re fighting for. For more tips on creating powerful visuals and art for your action, click here.

5) Deadline Extension: Moving Planet Poster Contest

We just extended the deadline for the Moving Planet Poster Contest to this SUNDAY. If you’re creating a unique poster for your event, we want to see it! Please, submit your poster here. For posters already submitted that you can use, click here.

As I cycle around rainy Washington, DC these days getting psyched up for Moving Planet, I’ve been noticing some great bicycle art, stencils, and quotes along my ride. I recently saw one screen-printed on a fellow cyclists’ shirt that I liked a lot and wanted to share it with you all. From H.G. Wells:

“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.”

H.G. Wells wrote some of the first epic novels about futuristic downfalls of the human race, yet one person on one bicycle gave him hope. Imagine how millions of us, moving on all kinds of wheels, in nearly every country on Earth, can make the world feel...

– Kelly, for the Moving Planet Team

PS: Please reach out if we can lend a hand:

PPS: If you’ve just signed up to organize an event, check out the archive of past special updates we’ve sent out by clicking here.

=== Sent out August 29 2011 ===

Dear Egyptians, Maldivians, New Yorkers, and Planet Movers everywhere,

2011 has flown by, and Moving Planet is now less than one month from now!

As you shift into the final weeks of preparation with your team for the big day, we wanted to share a few new important resources for both making your action visually and politically powerful:

Check out 3 Exciting Updates and Stuff to Focus on Now:

1) New Moving Planet Visuals → Arrows

Arrows are the suggested symbol for moving planet. Why arrows? They convey movement, can create a “visual unifier” for all of our photos, and also translate well nearly everywhere on earth.

For example, you could use arrows to:

  • Create a large arrow formation with people or other materials (like bikes)
  • Use large arrows on banners and signs within rallies or marches 
  • Use your arrows to point away from a problem (like a coal plant) or towards a solution (wind turbines, solar fields, etc)

For some sample templates and an incredible, BRAND NEW guide to creating beautiful art for your action, visit the new Moving Planet visuals page:

2) Prepare for an Amazing Photo:

Whatever you’re planning, we hope you’re getting ready to take a big and inspiring photo. It’s worth it to plan in advance for a moment to get everyone together -- hold up a big banner at the most scenic spot, and if you have ‘em, hold up your bikes too!

As soon as you can -- ideally the same day -- email your best photos to (with the location in the email‘s “Subject” and the description in the email’s “Body”)

For more tips on taking a great action photos, visit

3) Invite your Politicians:

Getting your politicians to show up to your event is critical to showing them that a mass movement has their back to be bold climate leaders. Check out this new invitation letter you can use in writing your local elected officials:

BONUS: Poster Contest!

Are you designing a poster for your event? Why not enter it into the new Moving Planet poster contest? Find out more at: Top posters will be featured on the HuffingtonPost,’s Global Facebook Page, and wherever else we can get them seen!


I didn’t want to let this chance go by without sending an update about the incredible momentum of the climate movement gathering towards Moving Planet.  First of all, you’ve probably heard of the great waves of climate activism in Washington, DC the last few days--Bill McKibben and many other brave Americans are bringing a bunch of momentum to this fight, calling for Obama to reject a massive, proposed tar sands pipeline called Keystone XL.

But right under surface: the whole planet is also starting the shift, to quake even, for September 24th:

  • We’ve blown past 1,000 events!
  • Japan is one of the latest countries on the map! Organizers who have been providing bikes to the earthquake-stricken areas all year are planning a coast-to-coast ride to raise awareness and end up at the 3-day cycling festival they’re organizing.
  • In Copenhagen, Moving Planet organizers are teaming up with the South African Bicycle Empowering Network to get hundreds of bikes and funds shipped to South Africa to empower this great local NGO’s work to get people on bicycles in South Africa
  • In Sao Paulo, volunteers just couldn’t wait to take action - their event is calling for a whole new sustainable transport plan from the city’s mayor, focusing on better public transit and bike access for the 22 million-person city’s inhabitants. Just last week, they surprised the mayor at an event with a big banner to let him know we’re coming on September 24th!
  • And finally, in New York City, exciting plans are coming together for a rally right outside where the UN General Assembly will be meeting - all the nations will be gathered to talk about climate change, among other issues, and we’ll be outside projecting images from your rallies, and sending a strong message to the leaders inside.

One month to go, and we can’t to move as one planet!

-Kelly, for the Moving Planet Team

P.S. If you’ve just signed up recently, you can find the whole catalog of past organizer blasts full of helpful tips and resources here:

=== Sent out August 12th 2011 ===

Dear friends,

We hope you saw the new Moving Planet video that just came out!

As the video is sparking inspiration across the web, we wanted to get in touch with some fresh new organizing resources.

First up: We just put the finishing touches on 3 new downloadable Moving Planet posters -- (including one you can easily edit with your local details)

The second thing we have to offer is a simple, short invitation letter for reaching out to neighbors or local groups to join in your action organizing effort.

Click here to view a customizable outreach letter.

Even if you’re well on your way with a full coalition effort, it doesn’t hurt to bring in some new friends or organizations in the mix. This is one of the most basic things we do as movement builders -- inviting other people to join us. Think about any cycle groups, dance troupes, farmers, businesses, religious groups -- anyone you haven’t connected with before, particularly those that might be especially interested in the action you are planning.

And if you have an extra few moments, we recommend checking out this brief “Recruitment Guide” for turning out waves of fresh faces.

Besides these three new resources, we also just want to remind everyone that the main resources page should be a great help. On that page, you can find posters and fliers, logos, t-shirt designs, stickers, event ideas, and more.

We’ll be in touch with more tools and tips soon -- and, as always, we can't thank you enough for your big love and boundless energy to move our planet in a new direction.

Keep it up,

Kelly and the Moving Planet global coordinating team

PS: Did you know Moving Planet has its own Twitter account: @Moving_Planet? If you’re on Twitter, please tweet about your local event (with the hashtag #movingplanet), so we can spotlight your community!

=== Sent out July 21st 2011 ===

Dear Planet Movers,

You've signed up for something uniquely special -- to propel the planet into the future this September 24th.

We've seen some amazing momentum for 'Moving Planet' over the last few weeks. There's been meetups on every continent to make big plans for the day. Artists like Radiohead are blogging about it, celebrities like Ellen Page are doing radio ads, and new partners from Oxfam to Greenpeace, and cycling groups from Ecuador to Egypt will be rallying their members to get involved.

So, with only 2 months to go -- What's important to do now?

1) Find inspiration

If you just signed up your event, you may still be looking for an idea for how to get moving. Here are 7 events already on the map that may make for positive role models,

  • Chicago, USA -- Organizers are moving forward on a ‘Roll Against Coal’ bike march past Chicago’s dirtiest coal plants, to move their city to a clean energy future.
  • Kabul City, Afghanistan -- Esmat, a 14 year old who “wants to see my country green” is organizing a tree planting
  • Cairo, Egypt -- People will wear blue and flood the streets -- to raise awareness of their climate change imperiled Nile, and start a clean energy revolution to save it.
  • Nauru -- Organisers are working to get the whole country to go without oil for the day, and at the same time have a massive bike rally around their island nation.
  • Maharashtra, India -- Cyclists will bike 1,100 kilometers to Mumbai to let their leaders know it’s time for a new form of independence -- from the tyranny of fossil fuels.
  • Santa Domingo, Domincan Republic -- Hundreds will converge for a bike rally to call on elected officials to create the first bike lanes in the city (and entire country!)
  • Wellington, New Zealand -- People will play a faux rugby game with renewables versus fossil-fuels. Guess who will win?

2) Recruit a team

Big, successful events almost always tend to have small but committed planning teams -- not one-person armies. If you haven’t yet pulled together a organizing crew, check out this guide for how to reach out, and host your first meet up.

You won’t be alone: There’s been a recent wave of team-building meetups from Kinshasa to Kiev, São Paulo to San Juan, and from Madrid to Minneapolis.

3) Update your event page

This is simple but easy to overlook. By keeping your event up-to-date with the freshest sense of what you’re up to, you’ll be more likely to recruit volunteers, and turn people out.
To log in and edit your event page, click here, and for more info on how to manage your event online, click here.

4) Get a permit (if you need one)

If you’re taking to the streets or a public space (Park, Government Building, Town Square, etc.), it may help to get a permit. It’s better to get this squared away well in advance. Call your local City Hall, Parks & Rec, or Police to find out what the local protocol is for permits and public rallies.

5) Choose Your Demands + Invite your politicians

As much as it’s about moving ourselves, Moving Planet is also about pushing our elected leaders to finally get moving on the climate crisis.Check out our new Demands Page for a menu of political demands you’re welcome to choose from, re-fine, and rally around. Here are three examples:

  1. 100% renewable energy NOW
  2. Stop local dirty energy projects
  3. Get dirty money out of elections

Also: giving your major politicians a chance to speak at your event is a great way to get them to listen to you--and feel public support for strong climate action. Now is a perfect chance to send them a quick invite to get the event on their calendar. (you can usually find contact info on their website)

We browse the map of Moving Planet events just about everyday -- and wanted to share some words of hope we just discovered in the description for Denmark, Copenhagen's event,

“It's hard not to feel powerless when you're sitting still, waiting for a time when a government will favour living things over fossil fuels. But in the same way, it's hard to feel powerless when you're in movement, and moving with thousands of people who feel the same way that you do...Come with us and move, and feel the unmistakable rush of knowing that millions upon millions are moving all around you.”

We can't wait for the sheer rush of millions of us moving at once,

Kelly, Will, Samantha, Paula, Chaitanya, Aaron, and Diana

PS: We want to help you make Moving Planet a remarkable moment in the fight for a doable future -- don't be afraid to get in touch! Just write:

=== Sent out May 4st 2011 ===

Dear Planetary Movers and Shakers,

Thank you! You are one of the first few hundred people to register an event on We're writing to offer help: we're the coordinating team from all over the planet, and we're getting to work on BIG events in our home countries too.

Even though we just launched Moving Planet, we already have a bunch of exciting updates to share with you all.

1) BIG Events Already on the Map!

The first few events that were signed up to Moving Planet blew us away:

  • In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a mass bicycle and skateboard mobilization is underway -- people are going to call on their elected officials to create the first bike lanes in the city (and the first in the entire country!)
  • In Cairo, Egypt, a couple revolutionaries are making plans for a huge rally to ensure the new leadership sets the country in the right direction to deal with climate change.
  • In Vermont, USA, a handful of organizers are gearing up to mobilize thousands for a 5-day bicycling tour for climate action -- ending with a convergence on their capitol, to launch their people-powered demands.

We posted a few more of the first *massive* events in a Facebook note -- and it was instantly a popular hit. The world is ready for action that looks as big as the problems we're trying to solve.


Sounds simple: but the best way to pull off a big event is to lay out a powerful vision at the very beginning -- one that grabs peoples’ imaginations, and inspires neighbors to help out.

Imagine: mass bicycle rallies through your city’s downtown, the biggest marches your state or province has ever seen, hundred-mile pilgrimages across your country, the first underwater mobilizations, foot races, flash-dances, ground-shaking concerts, and anything else that both excites you and gets lots of people moving.

Looking for more big ideas? Check out the new "Event Ideas" page.

3) Ignite your EVENT PAGE

Moving Planet is like a dating site for the world’s most passionate change-makers: the Event Pages with the most compelling descriptions will attract the most sign-ups, and volunteers.

Right now it’s really important to update your event page with a clear and motivating description. In 3-5 sentences, what’s your big vision for Sep 24th, and how can folks get involved?

You can find and EDIT your Event by LOGGING in at, and by clicking "My Events."

For a bunch of great, seductive write-ups, check out: MelbourneMilan,LagosOntarioJohannesburgEdinburghNairobiSão PauloNepal,WellingtonPapua New GuineaIstanbul, and many spread across the US: HoustonAustinBoulderHollywoodPensacolaSt Petersburg,PlattsburghNew HavenOrlando, and Wisconsin.

4) Find a FRIEND (or two, or three!)

After two years of global organizing, we've discovered that the secret to the biggest, most successful events are those that are powered by committed teams of 3-5 people. We've had luck building our teams by asking our friends and co-workers for help, posting to Facebook (& Craigslist in the US), and reaching out to organizers on last year’s map of actions.

Before asking someone to partner with you on something as epic as Moving Planet, you may want to get together in order to get to know each other a bit better first. Effective co-organizers tend to trust one another, and trust starts when we share our personal stories of who we are, and why we care.


The following weeks and months promise to fly by -- and we promise to be in touch with more updates and tools to help you organize. You can also check out the latest resource page, and always feel free to write us at

Right before Moving Planet launched, the President of the Maldives (an island country that's already losing ground to rising seas) was quoted as saying: "We haven't seen enough demonstrations" on climate change yet. All together, as one planet, we're about to change that.

Away we go,

Kelly, Will, Sarah, Samantha, Paula, Aaron, Diana, and Chaitanya

PS: Have you checked out the global Facebook event for Moving Planet? In perhaps a good omen, we just passed 3,500 RSVPs, and over 20,000 people have been invited. Check out the Wall: the most popular comment is "I can't wait for Sep 24th!"

PPS: Our favorite article about Moving Planet so far is from our friend Ben Jervey, at GOOD Magazine. Check it out.