Media Coordinator Resource Page

This page is full of resources for U.S. Local Media Coordinators. Don't have one yet? Feel free to use the materials here to either create a media role for your team, or to do some media outreach yourself.

What will I find on this page?

  1. Goals of the U.S. Local Media Coordinator Program
  2. Time line for media outreach
  3. Trainings
  4. Sample Press Advisory and Release (Coming Soon!)
  5. Talking Points for Moving Planet
  6. Pitch Calling Guide
  7. Media Coordinator position description
  8. Spokesperson Description and Sign up.


  • Amplify local coverage of Moving Planet events by coordinating media work.
  • Build the media capacity of local groups across the country.
  • Identify and train media coordinators in 100 U.S. cities.
  • Expand our national database of spokespeople so that we can connect national and international media to our most interesting speakers.
  • Expand our national database of blogs, independent media, and non-traditional media for all organizers to use.
  • Use local press coverage to communicate our power to Washington, DC.

2. Timeline for Moving Planet media outreach:

  • 1-3 months before — start building relationships with reporters and bloggers as well as researching who is writing about events/ stories like yours.
  • 1 month before — community calendars! Now is the time to make sure your event is listed in every community calendar in town: try newspapers, blogs, radio shows, organizational websites, etc.
  • 5-10 days before — send media advisory by email; include info on interesting spokespeople able to do interviews by phone or in-person.
  • 2-4 days before — follow up with a phone call to pitch the story and make sure they received the advisory.
  • 1 day before — Re-send advisory, follow up by phone with confirm calls.
  • Day of — confirm they are coming!
  • Next day — send your press release!

3. Trainings:

Using a press lists and pitching your story. Creating good visuals.

Need more advice on how to pitch your event? Check out this great video from the AP on tips for pitching your story.

4. Template Media Advisory:

See the Google Doc template here.

5. Moving Planet Core Message Guide

Your friendly guide to Moving Planet, and a few likely questions. At the end of the day, you know your community best — so take what works and add in what's missing for your community.

What is Moving Planet?

  • Over 2,000 events worldwide including 500 in the U.S. with one unified message: Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels.
  • Events large and small where we'll be moving on bicycles, unicycles, kayaks, and on foot to represent our commitment to moving beyond fossil fuels.
  • A global rally for solutions to climate change at all levels of government from new bike lanes to shutting down coal plants.

Happening Now:

  • Between Congressional deadlock and increasingly severe weather, everyday Americans have decided to lead the charge themselves, one community at a time.
  • Climate movement is broader than ever before: Scientists, religious leaders, indigenous groups, small business owners, women's and civil rights groups are all joining the fight.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people putting their call for action into literal movement by using every fossil-fuel free mode of transportation possible to lead the call for action.
  • This is the natural reaction to years of inaction on the climate crisis.

We call on our elected leaders to:

  • Stand with climate science and commit to moving away from fossil fuels.
  • Work towards solutions to climate change at all levels of government: from opening new bike lanes to shutting down dirty coal plants worldwide.
  • Join us in embracing a carbon-free future: replace coal plants and oil rigs with wind turbines and solar panels.

What is What do they do?

  • ("350 dot org") is a global grassroots, volunteer-led, climate campaign working towards science-based solutions to climate change.
  • specializes in mass mobilizations and grassroots actions.
  • is named after the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, 350 ppm (parts per million) of carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas.
  • We're currently at 392 ppm: ‘350' symbolizes the need for immediate drastic action to reduce our carbon emissions

6. Pitch Calling Guide:

See the Google Doc guide here.

7. Media Coordinator Position Description

Local Media Coordinator Position at

Goal: The goal of a media coordinator is to successfully secure coverage in new and traditional media of volunteer-driven events for and leading up to Moving Planet. Media Coordinators will work with other volunteers to maximize exposure that local events get in media by coordinating spokespeople, calling reporters, getting on local calendars, customizing press releases and advisories, and/ or outreaching to bloggers. Coordinators can work within a specific city or across a whole state depending on their availability and interest.

Who we are looking for: Smart, driven volunteers with good verbal and written communications skills that know or want to learn about media outreach and public relations.

Training and support: Media coordinators will work both with other local volunteers and with the U.S. Communications Coordinator. They will receive basic training and guidance in best practices for media outreach ranging from making a pitch call to writing a press release and building relationships with reporters. From the national staff, they can expect a localized media list, sample or template press advisories and releases, and on-call support as events develop.

Trainings for media coordinators will happen during regional trainings, and may also include webinars and conference calls for those who are too far from a regional training city.

First Steps: Meet with local volunteers and figure out who has the skills and interest to learn about media coordination, and then forward their name on to your 350 organizer or the U.S. Communications Coordinator.

How to sign up your group's local media coordinator: Signing up means you get extra support, media lists, and training. Email the U.S. Communications Coordinator, Molly Haigh, at molly[at], and sign up in this Google doc to show your interest!

8. Spokesperson Position Description for 350 Event:

Goal: The goal of a spokesperson is to get on radio, TV, in print, in blogs, and use their story to highlight the story of your 350 event. They will try to create preview media as well as help to keep one message in your general event coverage.

Who we are looking for: People with a good story who are articulate, well-spoken, confident, and willing to put in a bit of time to promote the event!

Examples stories that make good spokespeople: Young people who are optimistic about the future of their community and willing to fight for it, faith leaders who see action on climate change to be a religious imperative, business leaders who see clean energy as the future of business, parents who want a better world for their kids, sportsmen and women who want good places to fish and hunt, veterans who love their country and want to see it less dependent on fossil fuels, farmers who want to see more sustainable food sources. You don't have to be famous to be a good spokesperson — you just need a good hook and to use that hook to further the message of the larger event.

How should a media coordinator use a spokesperson? Use their quotes in your press release, offer interviews with them to the media. Sell them to media contacts like you would sell your event- and your whole event will benefit! If someone has an interesting story that illuminates why you all are here- that is a great opportunity to get extra media.

Sign up to be your local event's spokesperson here.