Conference call for organizers with Bill McKibben

Call details

  • Who: Bill McKibben and Moving Planet organizing staff, and all Moving Planet organizers from around the world
  • What: Hear about exciting developments for Moving Planet, final reminders, and get your urgent questions answered
  • When: Monday, 12 September, 1600 UTC and 2200 UTC (click here to figure out what time that is for you)
  • Where: a conference call line, reachable for free by skype at +9900827049465206, or from the following countries toll free :
    • United States +1 (888) 350-0075
    • Canada +1 (888) 350-0075
    • Australia +61 1800240997
    • Austria +43 080010259254
    • Belgium +32 080050903
    • France +33 0800940295
    • Germany +49 08000004291
    • Italy +39 800149002
    • Sweden +46 0200125385
    • United Kingdom +44 08003581803
    • If you are dialing from any of the countries above, you'll need to enter the following pin: 9465206 
  • Why: to get excited for a giant, powerful day of action to move beyond fossil fuels and stop climate change!
  • How to participate: Come back to this page during this call to participate and submit your questions via the live chat below

Speak another language? We're organizing calls in the following other languages, click for details: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese.

Can't make the call? We'll post the recording here afterwards.

Live chat

While we're all on the line together, you're welcome to chat LIVE with Moving Planet organizers around the world. Dont forget to introduce yourself via live chat!

For inspiration while you listen... bike photos!