Event Ideas

Mass march or bicycle ride
One of the best ways to demonstrate our people power is to get out into the streets - and one of the best ways to show our commitment to a world beyond fossil fuels is to move without them!

Problems to solutions
One way to make a powerful statement with your action is to pick a symbolic route - think about moving from the problems to the solutions literally by starting out at a coal plant or corporate target, and ending up at a wind turbine.  Or your house of government - because they could be the solution, if they do the right thing!

Be Creative & make it impactful
Many of the best actions convey their message creatively.  Want to deliver a petition?  Make a giant sculpture, painting or mosaic with recycled materials, incorporate the voices of local people, and make sure it gets permanently displayed in a public space or government building. 

During your rally, do a street theatre skit about better transportation infrastructure, or increasing renewable energy, or better systems for government to support our farmers transitioning to fossil fuel-free organic agriculture. End your march with an aerial art piece that sends your message clearly to your local government.

Walk/bike to school/work day
A great way to get people moving! (See if you can link with any car-free day efforts in your area - these usually happen on the 22nd of September.)

Deliver the message
Want to send a strong message? Try delivering it with hundreds or thousands of people. Write your top demand on a banner, and take it directly to whoever needs to hear it: a politician, a corporate target, or anyone else. Have a range of demands -- from easily achievable ones that politicians can implement straight away, to ones that will take longer.

Long distance movement
Nothing shows commitment like a long term march or bike ride over several days, or over many miles.  Think Gandhi’s Salt March, or more recently, the 5-day walk for climate action in Vermont in the US.

Spice your ride
Encourage the use of local, sustainable public transport in the organising/making of your Moving Planet rally and possibly as a theme of your rally. Choose a train carriage, bus, rickshaw, boat, or other local form of transport and get permission to paint, decorate or jazz it up. Pack it with information on 350 and climate change, and/or have a person in each carriage engaging with people.

You can do this on route to your Moving Planet rally, as part of your rally, or in the weeks beforehand to raise awareness and mobilise participation for your rally. For mobilising purposes, surprise passengers with songs, dance and information as the carriage/vehicle travels on its usual routes. The more creative you are, and the more your message strikes a chord with people’s common concerns, the more attention and support you’ll get!

Wheelbarrows & Wire Cars                                 
Travel from a community garden or allotment with wheelbarrows filled with people and/or produce. Slow down car traffic and fill the road with people (with official permission where relevant) as you move towards your local government office delivering basketfuls of organic, local produce as part of your political demand that speaks to food security/sovereignty issues.

Get school groups to make wire toy cars that look solar or wind powered. Imagine a thousand children pushing their wire cars to rally around their local government building. These can contribute to raise awareness and push local leaders to encourage fossil fuel-free lifestyles.

Carnival time                                             
Create a carnival procession on a major road towards your goal/destination. Gather university students to build huge floats of wind turbines, solar panels and other sustainable energy. Create giant moving puppets like the Chinese dragon but representing low carbon solutions for our future. Include musicians, sing songs, and create a common step dance!

Blessing Bicycles                                      
For communities of faith, consider getting involved in cycling actions offering a blessing of the bicycles prior to a riding action. Click here for a model liturgy from churches in the USA.