How to Manage Your Local Event Online

After taking the plunge and putting your event on the web for the world to see, you probably have some questions. Take a few minutes to browse the most frequently asked questions organizers have. 

1) What should I do once my event is registered online?
In a way, now is when the fun begins.  Pulling off a successful local event doesn't need to be hard--it just takes some good will and the creative application of skills you already have.

The best place to find out more info about how to plan your event is at

2) How can edit my event page?
The first step is to login at

If you haven't logged in before, you'll need to request a password, which you can do here.

Once you're logged in, click the link on top that says "My Events".  Then, click on your event link, and make edits to the fields you want to change.  Then press the "Submit Your Event" button at the bottom of the page.

3) How can I reset my password?
Visit Fill out the form, and you'll be sent a link in your e-mail which will contain a temporary login link you can click.  Once you do, you'll be able to login, navigate to your profile at, and then edit/change your password.

4) Why isn't my event showing up on the map? OR Why is my event in the wrong place on the map?
Our system attempts to plot your event on the map based on the information you give us: city, region, country. The world is a big place though, and sometimes the friendly mapping robots don't get it quite right.

If your event isn't showing up properly, you can manually place your event pin on the map. Just log in to your event edit page (see question #3), scroll down to find the map, and follow the instructions below the map for manually placing your event-pin on the map

5) What if I have a duplicate event registered?
No problem, just go ahead and delete one of them. Here's how:

Log in to at and then click "edit my action page," scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "delete." Make sure to confirm the deletion on the next page.

6) How can people sign up to attend my event?
Easy--every event has an signup box on it.  People can sign up to your event by filling out the fields in this box--you'll be notified of the signup, and will have the option to send a message to everyone who has signed up through your action page on

Don't worry if you don't have a lot of signups on the site--most people who attend your event won't take this step.  So long as you're doing good outreach and publicity (online AND offline) before your event, you should have a good showing.

7) How can I delete my event?
First--are you sure you want to? Organizing an event can be pretty easy once you get going, and we'd hate to see people disappointed that they can't attend your event.

If you decide that you absolutely must delete your event, please try to notify anyone who has signed up or contacted you about your event. If possible, direct them towards another event in their area.

Once you've done that, here's how to delete your event: once you're logged in to edit your event (see question #2) you can scroll to the bottom of the page and press "delete" and then click the confirmation on the next page. That's it!