Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the day?
The goal is to get moving beyond fossil fuels—both symbolically by pouring into the streets in the thousands on foot, bicycle and other means of sustainable movement, and politically by bringing powerful demands to our leaders that day to move beyond fossil fuels to a 350ppm world. Mobilizing for individual and community solutions will continue to be important—but one of the main goals for Moving Planet is to demand government action, especially in places where governments are stalling on climate action despite the overwhelming urgency of the science.

What will people do that day?
We encourage organizers to adapt the idea for Moving Planet to what is most appropriate and strategic locally. Possible action ideas include mass bike rides or marches, bike or walk to school/work days, a march or bike ride from a problem (e.g. coal plant) to a solution (i.e. solar plant), a mass march or bike ride to encircle a government building/deliver a petition, non-violent direct action at fossil fuel targets, and a long multi-day march or bike ride to demonstrate commitment.  For more in-depth ideas visit

Why focus on moving away from fossil fuels?
The global fossil fuel infrastructure is a threat to our future everywhere, and a common target for our movement. It’s polluting our oceans, our land, our communities, our air, and our children’s lungs. It's corrupting our politics with over $600 billion in subsidies globally, and hundreds of millions in campaign contributions in the United States in the last 10 years. And looming largest, the continued burning of coal and oil is what will tip climate change into climate catastrophe - getting off fossil fuels is the number one thing we need to do to get below 350ppm.  Fossil fuels connect to many issues—sustainable agriculture, transportation, and water to name a few.  But please don’t feel limited by this focus, and feel free to organize around the climate issue most relevant to where you are.

What are we moving towards?  
To get below 350ppm, we know we need to get off fossil fuels right away, and move to a sustainable, democratically controlled, and renewably-powered future as soon as possible. All mobilizations for Moving Planet are encouraged to pick a clear and strategic demand to deliver to their local governments that day.

To read about the global demands for Moving Planet, and ideas for local demands for your action, visit

Why another global day of action?
Inspired by the democracy movements in Egypt and elsewhere this year, we’re reminded that people power is stronger than the fossil fuel industry’s power and can move action on climate change that has felt stalled since the UN Climate meetings in Copenhagen, 2009. Mobilizing for days of action is important for our movement for a variety of reasons--it helps get many new people involved, creates a feeling of global solidarity and momentum, and with our efforts combined, all on the same day, we can simply create a bigger impact in the media and on politicians, than if we were all to act alone.

Why the 24th of September?
For one, we wanted to join up forces with our friends at the World Carfree Network who have been promoting “car-free days” in cities around the world on 22 September for many years. Second, it’s a day that works in many parts of the world: the 24th is a Saturday, and is a time when most schools around the world are in session, people are back from August vacations, and our Indian colleagues haven’t yet left for theirs. Most importantly, we have found it’s helpful to carve out a day on its own, when we can create our own moment and message.

Who is organizing Moving Planet?
The idea for Moving Planet came from, a global campaign and network that works with grassroots organizers in 188 countries to mobilize against climate change and for a just future. Moving Planet is a collaborative effort of many organizations, movements, and individuals. Organizations and local movements are encouraged to take this day and idea and put forward what you’re able to make this day as powerful as possible around the world.  For a list of all endorsing organizations, and to sign up your organization, click here.