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WHAT is ”Moving Planet”? …A world-wide rally on September 24, 2011 to demand solutions to the climate crisis. It is on track to be one of the most massive mobilizations of people power in history! And it will be FUN!

WHY ”Get350!”? …This is a way of summarizing/focusing such solutions, since whatever actions we take ultimately need to bring global atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions (from cars, factories, coal-fired power plants, etc.) down from the current level of ~395 parts per million (ppm) to 350ppm or less. According to many scientists and climate experts, 350ppm is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. For more info, go to It is important that everyone “gets” (understands) “350” so that we can work together to assure that Mother Earth gets 350! Get it?!

THE DAY—9/24/11:


By popular demand, we have decided to merge directly with the "Bay Area Mega-Massive Moving Planet Mobilization" in San Francisco. Many will be going directly to the event by bike or by bus. I plan to take the ferry. Please join me if you like. Whatever your mode of travel, please get to event in the city without driving! 


RSVP to the big event @

 ...11:00am: Meet at the Sausalito Ferry Terminal in downtown Sausalito (make sure you have $ for the fare!). My name is Thom, and I will be wearing a Repower America T-shirt and holding a "Get350!" sign (feel free to make your own sign to carry!...see the Moving Planet website for ideas...or just go with "Get350!)

…11:20-11:50: Ahhhhhhh…a ferry ride from Sausalito to San Francisco…does life get any better than this?! 

…Noon: Justin Herman Plaza (across the Embarcadero from the SF Ferry Terminal, at the foot of Market Street)… here we connect with the Bay Area Mega-Massive Moving Planet Mobilization! It’s gonna start gettin’ really big now!

…12:30pm: We will then PARADE down Market Street, headed towards Civic Center Plaza, where we will settle-in for an afternoon of:

-Speakers (such as Bill McKibben co-founder of, Mike Brune Executive Director of the Sierra Club, Carl Anthony of Earth House/ Breakthrough Communities, and more!);

-Workshops, art projects, science experiments, and other fun activities;

-Music, dancing, food and drinks;

-An aerial group photo;

-And so much more!


NOTE: While it would be nice to stay together as a group amongst the greater crowd, it is certainly understood that some may wish to go off in different directions and individuals may wish to leave at different times…so, please be prepared to fend for yourselves! We will not attempt to re-group as a whole to return home together. You will be free to stay as long as you wish and leave whenever it suits you. Just make sure you have cash for the bus or ferry trip back!  

…3:00-6:00pm: Getting Home: While you could make the trek back to the ferry terminal, the best bet is simply to hop on a Golden Gate Transit bus right there at the Civic Center Plaza. Here is a link to Golden Gate Transit bus schedules:

-NOTE: The host plans to return to Sausalito via the #10 bus from the Civic Center (McAllister & Polk) scheduled to depart at 6:32pm. Or...if the weather is too good to resist, walking back to catch the 6:30pm ferry might become the plan.


Tips for the day

…This is a car-free day! Please avoid driving to the event. Please walk, bike, or use public transportation. Here is a link to the Golden Gate Transit schedule: 

...If you cannot get to the ferry in time, you can take a bike or bus directly to the Civic Center Plaza (not sure you will find us, but you are welcome to join the crowd!)

...Make a sign to carry along the way and in the parade ("Get350!" or see the Moving Planet website for ideas)

...Dress casual (of course!) and fun, bright…please consider

wearing a t-shirt with a "positive energy" message (e.g. renewable energy, peace, oneness, love…)

…Clothing layers: you know Sausalito & San Francisco!

…Personal water bottles: you can fill-up at AlterECO in the morning (please, no single-use plastic bottles…they are part of the problem) …Sun protection (I have a hunch the fog will give way to a gorgeous sunny day… but, if I’m wrong, you’ll have the layers, right?!)

…Healthy packable snacks

…Light knapsack (to hold the above when not wearing/using)

…Cash for Ferry fare (to & from SF) and any food, drink, etc, you might want while in SF (there will be food & beverages available for purchase at the SF event).

…Stay as long as you like…just make sure to check the bus &/or ferry schedules!

Tips for BEFORE the day:

…Learn (if you don’t already know) the basics of 350 & Moving Planet at Just 5 minutes on is an invaluable education.

Let's Get 350!



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Sausalito Ferry Terminal
Sausalito, California
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11am - 6pm

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