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We're heading to Montpelier, for MOVING PLANET VERMONT!

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Vermonters from the Brattleboro/Bellows Falls area are trekking north to join Moving Planet Vermont in Montpelier, to help build a state that's green for all and light the path to 350!

Update Thursday, Sep. 22: And...we're off! Join us on the road or in Montpelier! We'll be away from the internets, so please text message or call (802) 310-8473 if you need to reach us or have a ride to share!   

Destination: Moving Planet Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier                

When: 2pm, Sat., September 24




To complete the Century+ ride, some of the Brattleboro-area cyclists will take off on Sep. 23, camp halfway, and get to Montpelier in time for the rally at 2pm.

In the spirit of confluence, cyclists will join in along the route, on both Sep. 23 and Sep. 24.  We'll all join in spirit  with the SoRo bike ride (riding to Montpelier via Rt. 14), and some of us will join that route in body & bike, too!


Brattleboro to Wilgus State Park:

This route follows along Rt 5 almost the whole time. Rt. 5 is a busy road, especially between Brattleboro and Putney, and near the I-91 exits. Near the Springfield exit, a bike path provides a short-cut that avoids the heavy and fast traffic. North of Springfield, Old Connecticut River Rd runs parallel to Rt 5, close to the river. The Vermont River Valley Vineyards people on Old Ct River Rd have invited us to use their riverside picnic tables and outhouse (haven't heard back from them how they fared in the flood, though). Great camping at Wilgus State Park, for riders starting on the Thursday or Friday

Wilgus State Park to South Royalton:

South Royalton to Montpelier:

Final stretch, from the Law School pancake breakfast to the State House. Stay on Rt 14 all the way in to South Barre. At about 30 miles (from South Royalton), shortly after the intersection with VT 63, look for the "Bike Path" signs (including the one that says "to school") and follow the bike path all the way in to downtown Barre. Watch out for the large crack in the path near the gorge (unless it's been fixed by Sep 24th)! At the end of the path, make a right heading downhill on Fairview. Cross the train tracks, and make a left on 302/14. Stay with 302 West when 14 North splits off. When 302 hits 2, it's only about 2 miles to the State House. Make a left on 2, and then a right on Main St, and a left on State St. BTW, or a short stretch on Rt 2, we'll be on the Cross Vermont Trail:

SoRo to Four Spring Farms:


**UPDATE Sep 8 and Sep 15**

Housing in the South Royalton area, Friday night, September 23rd. If you are interested in waking up in the South Royalton area Saturday morning, we have a great camping option at nearby Four Springs Farm. The farm has had no damage from the flooding. They have numerous campsites and -- so far -- a cabin available.

See Four Spring Farms website for details and directions.  According to Ginny Cleland, we can't get through on Mill Street, so bikers should follow these direcitons:

Please call Todd who is on call in SoRo Friday night, if you need help getting to the farm. 802-431-3433

Please call or email Jinny Cleland 802-763-7296 directly to make your arrangements. 

We are still working on confirming overnight options in down in SoRo itself, Please get in touch (using the contact option over on the right) if you have any questions.


**UPDATE Aug 11** Pancakes! We've been invited to a pancake breakfast in SoRo! If you're planning on hitting SoRo at around 10am on the 24th, be sure to register for the SoRo bike ride and let them know you'll be hungry, so they know how many pancakes to make!** **

We're testing routes and campgrounds and welcome all suggestions.

**UPDATE Sep 5** Wilgus State Park (which experienced flooding in conjunction with Irene, but is, so far, fully operational) is a lovely campground on the Connecticut River, about 40 miles north of Brattleboro, featuring some 14 or so flying squirrels who come out every evening. The park has camp sites, lean-to's, and four cabins. If you are interested in doing a three-day bike ride, 40 miles per day, Wilgus State Park is pretty much the perfect location to stop on the first day (barring more flooding).

We are working on solidifying camping and other overnight options in SoRo for the night of the 23rd. SoRo is about 40 miles from Wilgus State Park, if you ride along the Connecticut (rt. 5) and the White River (rt. 14). A number of people have offered us space, so we'll definitely be able to accommodate people, and we'll have more info about this soon.

We also have families in the Montpelier area who have for us to stay with them. If you are interested in staying over in the Montpelier area, please use the contact link on this page. ** **

We're excited that elite handcyclist Alicia Dana and Transportation Committee Rep. Mollie Burke will be riding with us!

Bicyclists of all speeds will be participating, and there is no expectation that riders who want to participate will all keep the same tempo. The big confluence is in Montpelier! Everyone is welcome! Wanna join us?


GoVermont has made Moving Planet Vermont an official destination with its own quick link.

Car-pooling part-way and then biking can also be a great option.

If you are a car pool driver and want to bring a bike rack to help bring bikes back (even if you have no additional room inside your car for the cyclists themselves), pls let us know.

 **UPDATE Sep 5** We may have a special Moving Planet bus/van from Brattleboro to Montpelier and back (and possibly stopping in a few locations along the way)! To make this happen, we need to know that enough people are interested in this option. Please contact Tim Stevenson if you are interested in this bus option: 802.869.2141 ** **


Fri Sep 23 2011
Brattleboro, VT  (BRA)
Departs: 5:10 PM
Arrives: 8:02 PM
Montpelier-Barre, VT  (MPR)
Duration: 2 hr, 52 min
Sun Sep 25 2011
Montpelier-Barre, VT  (MPR)
Departs: 9:42 AM
Arrives: 12:31 PM
Brattleboro, VT  (BRA)
Duration: 2 hr, 49 min
If you book your train trip more than 24 hours in advance, it's $12 each way, rather than $25. Vermont Dept. of Tourism special.
The Vermonter does not carry bicycles.
The following is information from Gary Fox of Destination Bellows Falls.
Thank you, Gary! Also see Sep 5 UPDATE, above.
BF Train Station
Departs: 12:10 pm
Arrives: 2:05 pm

If you purchase your tickets by 9/3/2011 the cost is $26.50;
21 day advance purchase; $36.50 purchase day of travel, one way.
The Greyhound also departs from Brattleboro  at 11:05 am (more expensive) and from White River Junction.
The return is for night owls.
Departs: 3:05 am
Arrives: 9:10
Bellows Falls
1-800-661-TRIP (8747)
If you've got a lead on a magic carpet or other sweet mode of transportation, please let us know!

The unique political dynamics of Vermont put us in an optimal position to enact bold climate legislation.  In so doing, Vermont can show other states that such policies invigorate communities, encourage healthy lifestyles, do not hurt business, and raise our collective consciousness about our natural environment, all while allowing us to move into a healthy future.  Vermont has the opportunity to lead the nation in progressive climate legislation.  Moving Planet Vermont is our opportunity to call upon our policymakers to enact comprehensive, thorough, and progressive climate legislation.

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