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***Charging Forward for Maryland Offshore Wind Power***

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Imagine the lovely spectacle of unicycles and push-scooters side by side, a great rolling mass of Marylanders like you and me passing the Annapolis statehouse. This first-of-its-kind global “rolling rally” will show our leaders that we’re ready to get moving on climate solutions like never before. And with all the people-powered momentum behind our wind campaign in Maryland, you can bet we won’t be sitting on the sidelines.

Based on their performance last year it’s clear that we really need to clearly illustrate to Annapolis legislators how to move the state forward on offshore wind energy. Our Moving Planet action will take them through the whole process start to finish – from the people-powered movement taking the political energy to the State House, to a theatrical bill signing.

Speakers will include Senate Majority Leader Rob Garagiola, Jim Strong of the United Steelworkers of MD and Dave Goodrich - the former head of the NOAA climate observation unit who earlier this year biked across the US to spread awareness of climate change! (You can find a journal of his ride HERE.) Street theater choreography will be provided by the Puppet Undeground. And look out for a special appearance by Wonder Wind.

It will be a performance to remember, but we can’t do it without the stars of the show – you and your people-powered wheels!

So get those strollers ready, break out those old roller skates, oil up that bike and circle your calendar to join us for Annapolis' very first rolling rally on September 24th!

If our leaders seem determined to infuriate us with their immobility, we’ve got to wake them up with our creativity. Every year of stalling means much more climate chaos down the road and much more dependence on costly dirty energy and much less economic opportunity for our workers.

It’s up to us to break the inertia. Please sign up today to come to Annapolis on September 24th, to join thousands around the world in doing just that!

And don't forget the afterparty courtesy of our friends at Clean Currents. Clean Currents is a local provider of wind powered electricity and a proud supporter of offshore wind for Maryland! Join us at The Boatyard Bar & Grill for snacks and drinks post-rally to celebrate the Moving Planet day of action. Bring your utility bill or account number to the bar and Clean Currents will help you sign-up for wind power at your home. Plus, $25 will be donated back to CCAN when you make the switch.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors: Chesapeake Climate Action Network,, Clean Currents, Bike Maryland, the Puppet Underground, Pure Board Shop, the Bike Doctor Annapolis, the Mid-Maryland Triathlon Club, and the Ski Haus Sports Center.
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The Maryland State House and Annapolis Harbor
Annapolis, Maryland
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11am - 1pm

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